Sickle-Chex is a positive and negative whole blood control available for use with sickle cell screening tests and hemoglobin electrophoresis. The control does not require reconstitution, which allows it to be used like a patient sample.

Sickle-Chex sickle testing whole blood control

Sickle-Chex is a sickle cell control that monitors the presence of Hemoglobin S in solubility tests. The whole blood control does not require reconstitution, which allows it to be used in the same manner as a patient sample. Sickle-Chex is packaged in 2.5 mL squeeze dropper vials for accurate sample dispensing, eliminating the need for pipetting.
Sickle-Chex is compatible with hemoglobin electrophoresis and the following sickle cell screening kits: Streck SICKLEDEX®, Siemens Dade Sickle-Sol Test and Pacific Hemostasis SickleScreen Sickling Hemoglobin Screening Kit.

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Sickle-Chex sickle testing whole blood control


  • Whole blood control that does not require reconstitution
  • Positive and negative levels
  • Compatible with Streck SICKLEDEX and other solubility tests
  • Compatible with hemoglobin electrophoresis
  • 100-day open-vial stability
  • 6-month closed-vial stability


Product Information

DescriptionCatalog Number
2 x 2.5 mL (Positive and Negative)217653
4 x 2.5 mL (Positive and Negative)217654

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Clinical laboratories are required to establish quality control programs for automated, semiautomated and manual procedures used for in vitro diagnostic testing of whole blood specimens. Streck’s sickle cell control is composed of stabilized human red blood cells in a preservative and is designed to be handled in the same manner as a patient specimen. Streck’s complete sickle testing product line is convenient, safe and proven.

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