Pipet Verification Service (PVS)

PVS kits are a convenient and simple way to verify the calibration of laboratory pipets. The PVS system is ideal for volumes from 10 µL to 5000 µL.

Pipet Verification Service (PVS)

The quick and easy way to verify the calibration of your laboratory pipets and comply with the federally mandated regulations regarding the accuracy of pipets used in clinical diagnostic tests. There are two PVS kits, one for pipets aspirating volumes from 10 µL to 200 µL, and one for volumes from 201 µL to 5000 µL. Simply order the PVS kits, pipet the designated volumes of reagent into the receiver solutions and ship the kit back to Streck. Soon after, you will receive the pipet verification report detailing the accuracy of your pipet in a regulatory compliant format.

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Pipet Verification Service (PVS)


  • Simple to use kits are shipped to the lab
  • NIST-traceable
  • Compatible with any pipet brand
  • Kits can be used at any time in the laboratory schedule


Verify pipets in your lab in 4 simple steps!

Instructions (IFU)

DescriptionCatalog Number
10 to 200 µL Pipets271278
201 to 5000 µL Pipets271279

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Streck manufactures quality control devices providing accurate, safe and reliable monitoring of laboratory pipets and temperatures. Pipet Verification Service allows the laboratory to verify automatic pipets and dilutors without purchasing equipment or interrupting pipet use. NIST-traceable thermometers are available for a wide temperature range, and are enclosed in a plastic case for protection and to contain the contents if broken. Streck’s Interlaboratory Quality Control program, STATS®, is an effective way for laboratories to evaluate the performance of their instrument or method against a peer group and demonstrate compliance with quality practices.

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