ESR-Chex® Plus

ESR-Chex Plus is a whole blood sed-rate control for automated ESR testing methods that use EDTA tubes. It is available in two levels, normal and abnormal, and is assayed for the Diesse CUBE 30 Touch and MINI-CUBE.

ESR-Chex Plus automated sed rate control

ESR-Chex Plus is an assayed, bi-level quality control for evaluating the accuracy and precision of automated erythrocyte sedimentation rate testing methods that use EDTA tubes. The whole blood control is manufactured from human red blood cells and can be used in the same manner as a patient sample. It is available in two levels, normal and abnormal, and each vial label is barcoded for automatic QC file archive. ESR-Chex Plus alerts the technologist to possible problems that may affect the accuracy of patient results.

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ESR-Chex Plus automated sed rate control


  • Ready-to-use whole blood control resembles patient sample
  • Available in two levels: normal and abnormal
  • Assayed for automated sed-rate testing methods
  • 7-day open-vial stability
  • 365-day closed-vial stability


Product Information

DescriptionCatalog Number
12 x 3.0 mL (Level 1 & 2)240408

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Streck provides the laboratory with a comprehensive sed-rate line that includes accurate, reliable and user-friendly analyzers for erythrocyte sedimentation rate testing in EDTA tubes without consuming the patient sample. The Streck sed-rate line also includes accurate and reliable quality controls and accessories.

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