Para 12® Extend

Para 12 Extend is a three-part differential hematology control assayed for Beckman Coulter, Erma, Horiba Medical, HTI Diagnostics, Mindray, Nihon Kohden and Siemens 3-part hematology analyzers. It features vials with pierceable caps for autosampling and is available in low, normal and high levels.

Para 12 Extend three-part differential hematology control

Para 12 Extend is a whole blood assayed hematology control which offers complete assay values for the three-part white blood cell differential. It features three distinct populations of lymphocytes, mononuclears and granulocytes. Varying percentages are also offered in the low abnormal, normal and high abnormal levels to test the accuracy and precision of the reported white cell populations. Para 12 Extend is available in 2.5 mL or 4.5 mL vials with pierceable caps for autosampling. Its long shelf life reduces the number of shipments, associated costs and time spent performing lot-to-lot correlation.

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Para 12 Extend three-part differential hematology control


  • Whole blood three-part differential hematology control
  • Available in three clinically significant levels
  • Plastic vials with pierceable caps for analyzer autosampling
  • Compatible with the most popular three-part differential hematology analyzers
  • 30-day open-vial stability
  • 190-day closed-vial stability


  • Helps clinical laboratories meet quality requirements
  • Established assay ranges provide less room for error
  • Long shelf life reduces the number of shipments and associated costs
  • Fewer lot-to-lot correlations save time and resources
  • Access to STATS®, a free interlaboratory quality control program with peer group data comparison and online submission


Product Information

DescriptionCatalog Number
18 x 2.5 mL (6 Low, 6 Normal, 6 High)218750
18 x 4.5 mL (6 Low, 6 Normal, 6 High)218770
6 x 2.5 mL (6 Low)218993
6 x 2.5 mL (6 Normal)218758
6 x 2.5 mL (6 High)218994
6 x 4.5 mL (6 Normal)218995
3 x 2.5 mL (Low, Normal, High)218755
3 x 4.5 mL (Low, Normal, High)218776

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The process of whole blood calibration is critical to Streck so our customers can have the confidence that product assays are accurate. Streck’s calibrators save you from having to complete a tedious whole blood calibration procedure. Our controls are available for most brands of hematology analyzers and come in multiple levels to test accuracy and sensitivity.

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