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ILQC: How to earn the trust of your clients and their patients

August 22, 2023

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In laboratory medicine, trust is everything. It is estimated that more than 70% of medical decisions are made using laboratory data. For clinicians and hospitals, it is critical that tests are handled with the utmost accuracy and precision, as the information gathered from these tests is vital to the health and lives of their patients. Errors, especially instrument errors, are unacceptable. With one incident, laboratories can lose the trust of their client clinicians and hospitals.

Proper quality assurance is paramount to reduce the potential for error. Ideal quality control plans don’t just satisfy the requirements of Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA), College of American Pathologists (CAP) and the laboratory’s state requirements. With interlaboratory quality control (ILQC), laboratories can establish a reputation as the go-to laboratory for clinicians, hospitals and the general public. By voluntarily exceeding the quality control standards of regulatory agencies they demonstrate a commitment to providing the highest standards of laboratory analysis and results.

We understand the importance of ensuring safe, accurate and consistent results. With our resources and support for quality control and instrument verification, your lab has the tools to earn the confidence and trust of your clients and their patients.

The Streck STATS® ILQC program is an effective way for laboratories to demonstrate compliance with quality practices by evaluating the performance of their instrument or method against a peer group. These peer groups are comprised of other labs using the same instrument, method and control lot number. 

STATS compiles data in personalized, easy-to-read reports to help labs detect changes in their systems before these significantly impact patient results. The online program, STATS-Link®, is an enhanced data access portal that allows labs to submit data online, view real-time and monthly reports and manage the lab’s STATS account information. To enroll in STATSclick here.

Key features of the STATS ILQC program

  • Convenient web-based system with online data submission that can be accessed 24/7
  • Peer group data comparison of the same instrument, method and control lot number
  • Easy-to-read reports help labs detect changes before they impact patient results
  • Lab Manager report available for centralized review of data points

For more information about STATS and interlaboratory quality control at Streck, click here.

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