Cost-effective control and calibrator solutions.

Our whole blood controls and calibrators give you confidence in the accuracy and sensitivity of your hematology analyzers without having to complete a tedious whole blood calibration procedure.

Streck customers also have access to STATS®, our free interlaboratory quality control program for peer group data comparison.

Streck hematology products

Cal-Chex calibrator


A whole blood product assayed for the calibration of Beckman Coulter®, Horiba® Medical, Siemens Healthineers® and Mindray® multi-parameter hematology analyzers…

Cal-Chex A Plus hematology calibrator

Cal-Chex® A Plus

A whole blood product assayed for the calibration of the Abbott® Ruby® multi-parameter hematology analyzer. This product provides a cost-effective alternative to…

Calibration Verification Assessment


Assayed linearity control kits that test the upper and lower limits of three- and five-part differential hematology analyzers to determine their patient reportable range…

HQ-Chex hematology control for HemoCue® glucose and hemoglobin analyzers


A hematology control that evaluates the accuracy and precision of select HemoCue® glucose and hemoglobin analyzers. It is available in three clinically significant levels…

Para 4 hematology control

Para 4®

A hematology control for laboratories that perform a limited number of hematology tests utilizing manual or semi-manual methods. It is…

Para 12 Extend three-part differential hematology control

Para 12® Extend

A three-part differential hematology control assayed for Beckman Coulter®, ERMA, Horiba® Medical, HTI® Diagnostics, Mindray®, Nihon …

Para 12 Plus hematology control formulated for the Abbott CELL-DYN® five-part differential instruments

Para 12® Plus

A whole blood hematology control formulated for the Abbott® CELL-DYN five-part differential Ruby® instrument. It features vials with pierceable …

Retic-Chex® II

a tri-level whole blood control with reticulocytes used to verify the accuracy and precision of manual reticulocyte counting methods…

Retic-Chex Linearity control for hematology analyzers

Retic-Chex® Linearity

Designed to establish the reportable range and linearity of Beckman Coulter® hematology analyzers that report the reticulocyte…

STaK-Chex Plus Retics five-part white cell differential control for Beckman Coulter instruments

STaK-Chex® Plus Retics

A comprehensive, whole blood five-part white cell differential control with reticulocytes and nucleated red blood cells for use on Beckman Coulter®

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