Cyto-Chex® BCT

Cyto-Chex BCT is a direct draw blood collection tube that maintains cellular morphology and surface antigen expression, including cluster of differentiation (CD) markers prior to analysis by flow cytometry. Whole blood samples collected in Cyto-Chex BCT can be stored at room temperature for up to 14 days. Cyto-Chex BCT has been FDA 510(k) cleared for consistent recovery of HIV-associated lymphocyte subsets (CD3, CD4, CD8, CD19, CD16/CD56 and CD45) for up to 14 days.

Cyto-Chex BCT

Cold chain free – Transport samples at room temperature

Cyto Chex BCT pre-analytical workflow


  • Up to 14-day sample stability when analyzed by flow cytometry
  • FDA 510(k) cleared for consistent recovery of HIV-associated lymphocyte subsets for 14 days
  • Available in 5 mL and 2 mL vials


  • Minimizes the adverse effects of time, storage and transport conditions on sample integrity
  • Reduces the need for immediate sample processing and analysis
  • Allows for the batching of samples, optimizing laboratory workflow
  • Minimizes patient recalls, redraws and associated costs
  • Reduces weekend and overtime work
DescriptionCatalog Number
6-tube pack (2.0 mL) glass213559
100-tube box (2.0 mL) glass218980
6-tube pack (5.0 mL) glass213361
25-tube box (5.0 mL) glass213362
100-tube box (5.0 mL) glass213386

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Immunomagnetic isolation of PBMCs from Cyto-Chex BCT-stabilized whole blood

PBMC Isolation App Note tablet

Flow Cytometry Products

Based on Streck’s proprietary cell-stabilization technology, we offer a comprehensive line of positive procedural controls and cellular stabilization products for immunophenotyping by flow cytometry. Our unique quality controls provide assay values for both normal and abnormal leukocyte populations and reference values for both intracellular and surface markers. Our cellular stabilization products are designed to preserve samples for extended periods while easing handling concerns and allowing for room temperature storage, cold chain-free shipping and batch processing.

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