Streck® Viral Extraction Kit

The Streck Viral Extraction Kit, powered by Ceres Nanotrap® technology, both simplifies and decreases the time needed to isolate viral genome from SARS-CoV-2- and/or Influenza A-containing clinical samples. All reagents necessary for the workflow are included in the kit and ready to use, requiring no additional alcohol or buffer modifications. The kit is designed for ease of use in manual extractions with common magnetic sample racks, as well as automated high-throughput extraction instrumentation.

Compatible with qPCR, ddPCR and sequencing-based analysis methods.

The power of high-affinity Nanotrap Magnetic Virus Particles

The Streck Viral Extraction Kit is ready to use with no need to add separately purchased reagents to rehydrate buffers. The Nanotrap particles attract and sequester whole viruses from samples, not just nucleic acids such as performed by other methods. This results in an increased amount of extracted viral RNA from the same sample volume, improving test performance.

Fewer and faster processing steps result in quicker turnaround times.

Streck Viral Extraction Kit workflow

A best practices overview for the Streck Viral Extraction Kit.


  • Pre-mixed buffers.
  • 96-sample configuration for automated protocol.
  • Ceres Nanotrap technology.
  • Manual and automated protocols available.
  • No additional chemicals required throughout workflow.


DescriptionCatalog Number
Streck Viral Extraction Kit (96 Reactions)250074


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Molecular Diagnostics (MDx) are the tests and techniques that have been developed in recent decades that analyze biological markers such as nucleic acids and proteins, to diagnose and monitor disease, detect disease risks and to monitor the effectiveness of treatments. MDx assays are used in prenatal testing, infectious disease testing, cancer and inherited diseases testing.

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