Verifying instrument accuracy.

Retic-Chex® Linearity

Linearity Control

Designed to establish the reportable range and linearity of select hematology analyzers that report the reticulocyte parameter.


  • Retic-Chex Linearity is assayed for Sysmex analyzers
  • Retic-Chex Linearity for BC is assayed for Beckman Coulter® analyzers
  • Packaged in five-vial sets
  • Available in plastic cap-pierceable vials for analyzer autosampling


  • 105-day closed-vial stability
  • 5-day open-vial stability

STATS® Interlaboratory Quality Control program is available for Streck customers.

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This is also licensed for sale in Canada.

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Beckman CoulterLH 750/LH 755
Beckman CoulterLH 780/LH 785
Beckman CoulterUniCel® DxH™ 600
Beckman CoulterUniCel® DxH™ 800
Sysmex® CorporationXE-2100™
Sysmex® CorporationXE-5000™
Sysmex® CorporationXN-10
Sysmex® CorporationXN-20
Sysmex® CorporationXT-2000i™
Sysmex® CorporationXT-4000i™

Retic-Chex® Linearity

Retic-Chex® LinearityCatalog Number
5 x 2.5 mL for Sysmex285532
5 x 3.0 mL for Beckman Coulter285535


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