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Top 4 questions about SICKLEDEX

September 16, 2020

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Streck listened to customers and has made improvements to the Instructions for Use (IFU) for SICKLEDEX®, improving the customer experience by enabling users to find answers for these frequently asked questions in the IFU, without the need for technical support.

SICKLEDEX is the best-selling Hemoglobin S solubility testing kit for use in the clinical laboratory to detect the presence of sickling hemoglobins in human blood or sickle cell control material.

The new more comprehensive IFU answers questions posed to Streck Technical Services from users around the world. Here are answers to the top four questions:

What type of anticoagulants can be used for blood samples that will not interfere with the solubility test?

Streck R&D validated a comprehensive list of anticoagulants for SICKLEDEX . The kits are validated for use with the following commercial blood collection anticoagulants: EDTA, ACD, CPD, CPDA-1, CPDA-2, CP2D, Sodium Citrate and Heparin. Additives such as AS-1 and AS-3 do not interfere with SICKLEDEX results. The addition of Heparin to our validated list makes SICKLEDEX a comprehensive solubility kit that covers most clinical blood draw tube types and blood banking anticoagulants.

What is the sensitivity and limit of detection for the test?

We have proven that the SICKLEDEX solubility kits have 100% Specificity and 100% Sensitivity. This is based on testing more than 150 samples, versus the competition, which is based on only 20 samples. SICKLEDEX now has a lower limit of detection  ̶  15% Hgb-S with a total hemoglobin of 12%.

Are there alternative mixing strategies to swirling of the sample in the test tube?

Inversion of the tubes several times is an effective mixing technique.

What is the proper use of the Streck Micropipettes for sample transfer?

You must dispense blood in the micropipette within 30 seconds to avoid clotting.

SICKLEDEX is available in 100-test, 50-test and 12-test kit configurations, and its unique packaging offers longer stability and provides cost savings to the lab.

Streck sickle testing system is easy, efficient and fast – save 14 minutes per test, compared to the competitor. No pipetting required and positive sickle cell trait test results in 6 minutes.

Sickle-Chex® is a positive and negative whole blood control available for use with sickle cell screening tests and hemoglobin electrophoresis. The control does not require pipetting or reconstitution, which allows it to be used like a patient sample.

In addition, Streck offers the consumables necessary to perform solubility testing, including disposable test tubes, micropipettes and a test tube rack for easy visualization of sickle cell trait in positive patient samples and controls. Click here for more information on the Streck sickle testing line of products.

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