Do you know the 3 Cs of QC?

January 25, 2023

Do you know the 3 Cs of manual body fluid QC?
When you’re in need of a superior quality control for primary use or as a manual backup, choose one that addresses Competencies, Crystals and Counts.

What are the 3 Cs?

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QC Problem: A control that meets CAP quality requirements.

How Cell-Chex® Solves It: Cell-Chex validates the entire cell qualification and quantification procedure. The multi-level control has a long shelf life to reduce the number of shipments and associated costs.


QC Problem: Identify crystals in synovial fluid samples.

How Cell-Chex Solves It: Cell-Chex is the only manual body fluid control that contains crystals. They can be easily identified without interfering with RBC and WBC counts using a hemacytometer or WBC differential counts using a cytocentrifuge. Real CPPD and urate crystals can be accurately differentiated based on morphology and polarized light microscopy.

Hemacytometer crystals
Red and white blood cell counts


QC Problem: Accurate RBC and WBC counts from patient sample.

How Cell-Chex Solves It: Cell-Chex contains biconcave RBCs and five types of morphologically distinct WBCs. These cells are easy to differentiate and have morphology representative of fresh patient samples, unlike other body fluid controls on the market. This ensures accurate and precise counts using hemacytometers.

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Cell-Chex is the only body fluid control assayed for the 5-part WBC differential and the only manual body fluid control that contains crystals to aid in crystal identification in synovial fluid samples. Click here for more info.

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