News Room

03/29/2017 Streck signs distribution agreement with Dow Biomedica
03/21/2017 Streck, Biodesix partner to present at AACR Annual Meeting
03/20/2017 Streck to showcase ESR testing in EDTA tubes at CLMA KnowledgeLab and TACLS
02/14/2017 Streck to present and exhibit at Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference
02/13/2017 Diesse MINI-CUBE compatible with pediatric patient samples
02/08/2017 Streck adds AU Series to HbA1c control assay
02/06/2017 Streck antibiotic resistance monitoring and detection kits now CE-marked
02/01/2017 Streck signs distribution agreement with HiSS Diagnostics
02/01/2017 Streck to feature flow cytometry controls and cell stabilization products in Houston
01/31/2017 Streck adds DxH 600 to 5-part differential assay
01/23/2017 Streck adds Makler to sperm count assays
01/19/2017 Streck sponsors webinar on liquid biopsy assay development
12/07/2016 Streck announces new members of Board of Directors
12/05/2016 Streck announces European patent for blood collection tubes
12/05/2016 Streck adds Mindray instrument to Para 12 Extend assay
11/28/2016 Curtis Akey joins Streck as Chief Financial Officer
11/17/2016 Streck ILQC now features real-time reports
11/10/2016 Streck to feature flow cytometry controls and cell stabilization products in Maryland
11/04/2016 Streck to feature antibiotic resistance monitoring & detection kits at AMP
11/03/2016 Streck to showcase automated sed-rate testing in EDTA tubes in New York and Washington, DC
10/31/2016 Streck announces new line of antibiotic resistance monitoring and detection kits
10/26/2016 Streck announces Canadian patent for blood collection tubes
10/13/2016 Eric Riley joins Streck as Human Resources Director
10/12/2016 Streck to Exhibit in New Jersey
10/05/2016 Streck to showcase erythrocyte sedimentation rate products in Oregon and Maine
09/29/2016 Streck to showcase cell stabilization products in Boston and Vancouver
09/26/2016 Streck announces instrument addition to body fluid assay
09/21/2016 David Conrad to join Streck as Vice President of Research & Development
09/19/2016 Streck announces blood collection tube for cell-free plasma RNA
09/14/2016 Join Streck at the GLIIFCA and ICCS Annual Conventions
09/12/2016 Join Streck in South Dakota and Southern California
07/26/2016 Streck signs exclusive distribution agreement with Diesse
07/14/2016 Streck and Biodesix sign exclusive supply agreement for DNA and RNA tubes
07/13/2016 Streck and Conversant Bio sign exclusive supply agreement
06/20/2016 Streck announces 2.0 mL blood collection tube
06/14/2016 Streck & Creighton University partner to present molecular findings at ASM Microbe
06/07/2016 Streck will feature flow controls in Seattle at CYTO 2016
06/01/2016 Streck introducing new molecular products at APHL
05/23/2016 Christopher Contonis joins Streck as Sales and Marketing Vice President
05/11/2016 Inaugural Streck Award Lecture to honor chemistry pioneer
05/03/2016 Michael van Waes joins Streck as Molecular Director
04/11/2016 Streck to showcase sample stabilization products at 2016 AACR
04/11/2016 Streck participates in University Industry Demonstration Partnership
04/07/2016 Streck to present the industry’s leading automated sedimentation rate analyzer at the Ohio, Rhode Island and Nebraska regional conferences
03/15/2016 Streck scientist publishes research on effects of cell preservation
03/14/2016 Streck adds Ortho VITROS instrument to A1c-Cellular assay
03/10/2016 Streck showcasing instrument and new products at CLMA, TASCLS and IA ASCLS/CLMA
02/29/2016 Streck and Sysmex sign supply and distribution agreement
02/25/2016 Join Streck at Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference
02/12/2016 Streck adds Ortho VITROS instrument to A1c-Cellular Linearity assay
10/26/2015 Streck to introduce new real-time PCR instrument at AMP
09/30/2015 Streck to feature newest immunology products at ICCS
09/22/2015 Streck’s new real-time PCR instrument appeals to multiple markets
09/16/2015 Streck to introduce new real-time PCR instrument, new urine preservative at ASHG
09/09/2015 Leading researcher, Streck R&D scientist to present at ICAAC/ICC 2015
08/25/2015 Streck Introduces Cell-Free DNA Urine Preserve
08/20/2015 Streck announces acquisition of sperm count control products
08/17/2015 Streck R&D scientist to discuss real-time PCR applications at Next Generation Dx Summit
08/06/2015 John Noble Promoted to Streck Vice President of Operations
07/08/2015 Streck adds CD-Chex CD103 Plus to flow cytometry line
05/11/2015 Visit Streck in New Oreleans
05/05/2015 Streck Introduces CD-Chex TdT Plus
04/02/2015 Visit Streck in Philadelphia
03/16/2015 Come see what’s new with Streck
03/11/2015 Bullock Joins Streck
03/03/2015 March 2015 Streck career fairs
02/19/2015 Streck scientists use rapid PCR amplification to identify myotonic dystrophy gene targets
02/03/2015 Streck Introduces Temp-Chex Digital II
02/02/2015 Cell-Chex Auto adds Siemens Instruments
02/02/2015 Streck Spring Career Fairs
01/23/2015 Industry Leader Making a Worldwide Impact
08/25/2014 ESR-Auto Plus Exceeds 2600 Placements
06/19/2014 Streck Announces Changes to Executive Team
06/06/2014 CD-Chex CD 117 Plus adds markers to flow cytometry control
05/12/2014 Streck introduces combined urinalysis control
05/07/2014 Patterson joins Streck as HR Director
12/09/2013 LBC-Chex adds catalog numbers
05/22/2013 Streck adds instrument to linearity
05/09/2013 Streck introduces flow cytometry control for CD117
04/02/2013 Streck introduces 2.0ml blood collection tube
03/11/2013 Streck CVA and Cal-Chex assays add instrument
01/25/2013 Cell-Chex Auto adds 2D barcode
01/07/2013 Streck introduces lamellar body count control
11/07/2012 Streck introduces positive procedural control for immunophenotyping
06/11/2012 Morgan and Keller join Streck
05/22/2012 Streck wins patent battle in court
05/07/2012 Streck introduces HbA1c linearity product
01/23/2012 Streck adds CD38 to flow cytometry controls
08/26/2011 Streck introduces high-speed PCR instrument
08/22/2011 Streck adds instrument to retic linearity assay
07/20/2011 Streck adds CPPD crystals to manual body fluid control
06/23/2011 Streck adds instrument to spinal and body fluid control assay
06/13/2011 Streck adds instrument to HbA1c control assay
06/06/2011 Streck adds parameters to urinalysis control
04/21/2011 Streck adds instruments to retic linearity assay
04/21/2011 Streck adds instruments to HbA1c control assay
04/18/2011 Streck, Inc., president addresses women’s summit
03/28/2011 Streck, Inc., makes donation to Japan relief
11/23/2010 U.S. Assistant Secretary of Commerce visits Streck, Inc.
10/27/2010 Streck adds urate crystals to manual body fluid control
10/27/2010 Streck patents valid, infringed by R&D Systems District Court issues permanent injunction
10/12/2010 Streck ILQC program adds electronic submission for flow controls
09/30/2010 Streck adds two-part WBC parameters to Cell-Chex Auto assay
09/09/2010 Streck introduces cellular urine control for UF analyzers
07/30/2010 Streck introduces blood collection tube for the preservation of cell-free RNA
03/22/2010 Streck, Inc. acquires Philisa Technology Corp. assets
03/10/2010 Streck adds instruments to A1c-Cellular® assay
01/25/2010 Streck adds instrument to three-part diff assays
11/02/2010 Streck adds instrument to glucose linearity assay
10/06/2010 Streck introduces tube for the preservation of cell-free DNA
09/21/2010 Streck adds Mindray instrument to Calibration Verifi cation Assessment kit
04/07/2009 Streck introduces cellular urine control for the Iris iQ®
03/11/2009 Streck introduces whole blood control for flow cytometry
01/26/2009 Streck adds instrument to automated body fluid control assay
12/05/2008 Streck adds Sysmex XE-5000™ to linearity product assay
09/08/2008 Streck adds Celltac instrument to three-part extended control
09/08/2008 Streck increases stability of five-part CBC control
09/2008 Streck blood collection tube cleared by FDA
07/25/2008 Streck introduces tube for the preservation of cell-free DNA
06/09/2008 Streck introduces first nucleated red blood cell control for ADVIA® 2120
04/02/2008 Streck's Para 12® and Para 12® Extend add Mindray BC-3200 instrument
03/14/2008 Streck adds Bio-Rad instrument to A1c-Cellular® assay
03/05/2008 Streck adds instrument assays to body fluid control for automated methods
01/09/2008 Streck Blood Collection Tube maintains flow cytometry sample integrity for 14 days
12/14/2007 Streck adds markers to flow cytometry controls
12/14/2007 Streck adds markers to flow cytometry controls
10/29/2007 Streck adds instruments to A1c-Cellular® assay
11/09/2007 Streck adds Sysmex instruments to Cell-Chex Auto assay
02/09/2007 Streck acquires SICKLEDEX® product line
02/09/2007 Streck technology key in new BD Vacutainer® CD4 tube