The Streck ARM-D Kit, MCR is a multiplex real-time PCR kit for the rapid detection of antibiotic resistance genes in Gram-negative bacteria. This kit detects multiple variants the following plasmid-mediated mobilized colistin resistant (mcr) gene families: mcr-1, mcr-2 and mcr-3-4-5.

Streck ARM-D Kit, MCR antibiotic resistance detection multi-plex pcr kits

The Streck ARM-D Kit, MCR is part of a family of comprehensive, multiplex real-time PCR kits that detect over 1,000 antimicrobial resistance (AMR) gene variants from 26 different gene target families. Streck ARM-D Kits provide a rapid detection strategy for monitoring β-lactam antibiotic resistance to improve AMR surveillance, aid in antibiotic stewardship programs and support infection control programs. The ARM-D MCR kit detects 48 variants in the following gene families: mcr-1, mcr-2 and mcr-3-4-5.

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Streck ARM-D Kit, MCR antibiotic resistance detection multi-plex pcr kits

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
A CE version of this kit is also available.


  • Detects and differentiates mcr-1, mcr-2 and mcr-3-4-5 gene families
  • Protocol can be completed in less than one hour
  • Compatible with most 4-channel real-time PCR thermal cyclers
  • Includes a premixed 2X master mix: DNA Polymerase, dNTPs, MgCl2 and reaction buffer
  • Includes positive controls for each gene target to monitor analytical process
  • Amplification protocol and analysis guides available


DescriptionCatalog Number
Streck ARM-D Kit, MCR RUO250053
Streck ARM-D Kit, MCR CE250056

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Streck’s antibiotic resistance monitoring and detection (ARM-D) kits can be used as a part of a hospital’s surveillance program when screening patients and by identifying – in just a few hours – which Gram-negative resistant bacterial strains are present in the facility. Streck’s real-time PCR instrument and hot-start enzyme formulated for fast PCR can save your lab time without compromising results.

Streck ARM-D Kits

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