cfRNA NGS workflow now available

December 9, 2019

Whether you’re brand new to next-generation sequencing (NGS), or haven’t had much experience with it, or are doing it in-house versus using a core facility, a ready-to-use workflow is going to make your lab life easier. Instead of having to build a process, spend money and time on development – and have failures along the way – you can use a good cell-free RNA NGS workflow right from the start.

Streck offers a free optimized cell-free RNA sequencing protocol which includes every step – from sample extraction to bioinformatics analysis. Get it here.

Next-generation sequencing workflow for cell-free RNA. Download now

Struggling with your cfRNA workflow?


Save time and resources with our free, optimized cell-free RNA next-generation sequencing workflow. It includes every step, from sample extraction through bioinformatics analysis.


Download now

NGS is a revolutionary technique which has enabled researchers to examine more targets of interest in one consolidated test. The ability to simultaneously interrogate thousands of targets of interest has aided in projects related to biomarker discovery, determination of mutations, whole transcriptome studies of disease states and surveillance of pathogens.

A time consuming and expensive process, NGS is not trivial. Failures in NGS workflows can be hard to determine even with detailed troubleshooting procedures and careful analytics. The utility and advancements of RNA-based sequencing have also revolutionized but are fraught with even more difficulty due to the low quantities and labile nature of those targets.

A blood collection tube designed for NGS workflows

As NGS is expensive – and samples are precious – you need to be sure the samples going into your sequencing workflow are of the highest quality. As an industry leader in cell stabilization, when Streck began the process of designing a direct draw blood collection tube focused on the maintenance of the draw time concentration of cell-free RNA, it was clear that the new tube would have to work with NGS.

You can ensure that you input the best possible cell-free RNA into your NGS protocols by using Streck RNA Complete BCT™, a tube that maintains the draw-time population for up to 7 days when stored at room temperature.

RNA Complete BCT for cell free RNA and NGS workflows
  • Maintains draw time cfRNA transcript levels in whole blood samples for use in transcriptome studies
  • cfRNA isolated is compatible with standard low input RNA library prep kits
  • Samples drawn into RNA Complete BCT maintain transcriptome profiles similar to the initial blood draw

Click here to learn more about RNA Complete BCT.

RNA Complete BCT is for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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