La Vista, NE – Streck, Inc. and Farmalatina Ltda., Santiago, Chile, have signed a distribution agreement for Streck’s full portfolio of quality control, cell stabilization, and molecular products.

Streck’s portfolio includes quality control products that test the performance and limits of instruments and reagents, helping laboratories meet regulatory and accreditation requirements; sample collection devices for the preservation of whole blood and other specimens for immunophenotyping and characterization of cell-free DNA and RNA; and kits for the detection of antibiotic resistance genes by multiplex real-time PCR.

“We are extremely pleased to develop further our relationship with Farmalatina; our companies have great synergies that will help accelerate the sales of our products in Chile,” said Michael van Waes, Director of International Sales at Streck.


About Farmalatina 
Farmalatina was founded in Santiago, Chile, more than 30 years ago with the main purpose of understanding and caring about the needs of clinical labs, blood banks, pathology and molecular biology customers. Farmalatina currently distributes the most renowned brands worldwide and provides technical and scientific support to ensure that their customers are able to deliver quality results and provide excellent service while helping them specializing and becoming more competitive, embracing the technological changes in relation to the country’s own development and minimizing nature’s impact.


About Streck, Inc. 
Established in 1971, Streck develops and manufactures products for clinical and research laboratories. Streck’s passion for innovation, quality and service has allowed the organization to become a world leader in the development of quality control and diagnostic products that help laboratories ensure accurate and timely results for patients. Streck offers the industry’s leading automated erythrocyte sedimentation rate instrument and is a worldwide supplier of blood collection tubes that standardize methods for sample collection, stabilization and transportation. Expanding product lines include flow cytometry, body fluids and urinalysis with emerging products being developed for the burgeoning field of molecular diagnostics. For more information, visit

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