Omaha, NE – Streck, Inc., introduces UA-Cellular® Complete, a urinalysis control with both chemistry
analytes and cellular components to more closely mimic a patient sample.

UA-Cellular Complete is assayed for the Siemens CLINITEK Atlas® and Sysmex® UF1000i™ combined
system. UA-Cellular Complete provides walk-away capability – the integrated control tests the entire
Siemens CLINITEK® AUWi system’s ability to accurately identify and quantify chemistry and cellular
components. The control is run like a patient sample; no setting changes required to move between
patient and control modes.

UA-Cellular Complete is packaged in convenient 120ml squeeze bottles with flip-top caps. The kit
contains various concentrations of the assayed components to simulate different patient sample
scenarios to test the full capability of the Atlas and UF-1000i. Assayed chemistry analytes include
glucose, ketones, blood, protein, nitrite, color, bilirubin, specific gravity, pH, urobilinogen, leukocytes
and clarity; assayed cellular parameters include RBC, WBC, EC, casts, bacteria and crystals.

UA-Cellular Complete is the third urinalysis product Streck has developed. Streck also offers UA-Cellular®
for UF, designed specifically for the Sysmex UF1000i urine analyzer, and UA-Cellular® for IQ, designed
specifically for the Iris Diagnostics iQ® automated urine analyzers.

For more information, please contact your Streck Sales Representative, 800-843-0912.

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