Omaha, NE – Streck is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Fertility Solutions Inc. sperm count and post vasectomy quality control products. The sperm count controls for fertility diagnosis have been renamed as Sperm-Chex and Sperm-Chex Post VC. The new products complement Streck’s line of body fluid controls which include Cell-Chex®, Cell-Chex® Auto and LBC-Chex®.

Sperm-Chex is a two-level sperm count control that contains stabilized sperm cells. It is the only FDA-cleared sperm count control on the market that contains stabilized sperm and not latex beads. Sperm-Chex is available in a kit containing two 300 ?L vials, one each of Level 1 and 2.

Sperm-Chex Post VC is a positive/negative control developed to monitor post vasectomy sperm counts. Sperm-Chex Post VC is the only post-vasectomy control on the market that contains stabilized sperm. Sperm-Chex Post VC is available in a kit containing two 300 ?L vials, one positive and one negative sperm control.

The products are stable for 42 days open-vial and 12 months closed-vial when stored at 2 °C to 10 °C. The products are packaged in plastic micro-tubes with screw top caps.

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