Omaha, NE – Streck, Inc. and Conversant Bio, a biotechnology company that partners with physician clinics, hospitals, and clinical research sites to provide diseased and normal tissue specimens to researchers, have signed an exclusive worldwide supply agreement. The partnership enables Conversant Bio to utilize Streck’s technology, including its blood collection tubes, as part of its products and services.

Streck’s blood collection tubes include Cell-Free DNA BCT®, a direct-draw tube which stabilizes nucleated blood cells and prevents the release of genomic DNA, allowing isolation of high-quality cell-free DNA for a wide range of downstream applications commonly used in clinical research studies, drug discovery and diagnostic assay development; and Cell-Free RNA BCT®, a blood collection tube with a patented preservative which stabilized cell-free RNA in plasma and prevents the release of non-target background RNA from blood cells during sample processing and storage.

“The use of liquid biopsies as a clinical tool to screen, diagnose, and monitor cancers is beginning to play a vital role in improving patient health; however, there are still several accuracy and sensitivity issues that must be addressed before this approach can make a significant clinical impact,” said Marshall Schreeder, CEO of Conversant Bio. “Conversant Bio is committed to controlling all of these pre-analytical variables to give researchers the best chance of success with their pre-clinical research. The stability of Streck’s tubes will provide time for transport of blood samples, as well as extended time to spin down and collect plasma from the blood samples, for long-term storage of cell-free DNA and cell-free RNA.”

“The specimens Conversant Bio provides are critical to accelerating the discovery of innovative diagnostic, treatment, and prevention options for diseases,” said Connie Ryan, President and CEO at Streck. “We are excited that our blood collection tubes will be used for the sample collection, transport and storage of these specimens.”

About Conversant Bio
Conversant Bio provides researchers around the world with annotated tissue samples in order to conduct informed, cutting-edge investigations into many of today’s most problematic diseases. With a large prospective collections network of more than 60 U.S.-based clinical sites and an IRB-reviewed chain of custody quality control system, Conversant Bio provides the highest-quality samples on time and on budget. For additional information about Conversant Bio’s services, visit the company’s website at

About Streck, Inc.
Established in 1971, Streck develops and manufactures products for clinical and research laboratories. Streck’s passion for innovation, quality and service has allowed the organization to become a world leader in the development of quality control and diagnostic products that help laboratories ensure accurate and timely results for patients. Streck offers the industry’s leading automated erythrocyte sedimentation rate instrument and is a worldwide supplier of blood collection tubes that standardize methods for sample collection, stabilization and transportation. Expanding product lines include flow cytometry, body fluids and urinalysis with emerging products being developed for the burgeoning field of molecular diagnostics. For more information, visit

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