Omaha, NE – Streck’s Cell-Chex® Auto is now assayed for the Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics ADVIA®
120/2120/2120i instrument system.

Cell-Chex Auto is a three-level spinal and body fluid control for evaluating the accuracy and precision of
hematology instruments that measure blood cell counts in patient body fluid samples. It is the first
automated body fluid cell count control for Abbott, Beckman Coulter® and Sysmex® hematology
intruments. It is also assayed for the Abbott CELL-DYN® 3200, Sapphire® and Ruby®; Beckman Coulter LH
750/755, LH 780/785 and UniCel® DxH™ 800; and Sysmex XE-2100™, XE-5000™, XT-2000i™, XT-1800i™
and XT-4000i™ instruments.

Cell-Chex Auto is packaged in plastic 3.0 ml vials with pierceable cap, with 75-day closed-vial stability
and 30-day open-vial stability.

Streck also offers Cell-Chex®, the only body fluid control with 5-part white cell differential capability.
Cell-Chex is a spinal and body fluid control with distinct white blood cell and red blood cell populations
for manual counts. The multi-level control is also assayed for the two-part polymorphonuclear and
mononuclear differential. Level 1-UC contains urate crystals and Level 1-CC contains CPPD crystals to aid
in identification of crystals in synovial fluid.

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