New and Improved STATS program is launching soon!


Effective Sept. 30, 2016, submissions of data by fax will no longer be accepted. Please contact the STATS department at 800-898-9563 for submission options.

Click HERE to learn more about the new and improved STATS program.

The Streck STATS  program is an effective way for laboratories to evaluate the performance of their instrument or method against a peer group and demonstrate compliance with quality practices. Peer groups are comprised of other labs using the same instrument, method and control lot number. STATS  compiles data in personalized, easy-to-read reports to help labs detect changes in their systems before these significantly impact patient results. The online report program, STATS -Link®, allows labs to view current and archived reports. STATS  is available to all customers and is always free of charge.

To enroll in STATS, please fill out the enrollment form below. Save it as a Word document and e-mail it to You may also print the form and fax it to 402-333-7874. Please contact your Streck Sales Representative or the STATS department with any questions.