Cell-Chex® body fluid control resembles patient samples, giving you confidence in your body fluid analysis.

Streck Cell-Chex is a two-level manual cerebrospinal and body fluid control for evaluating the following: 

  • Accuracy and precision of  hemacytometer  WBC and RBC counts
  • 5-part manual WBC differentials
  • Urate and CPPD crystal identification

Cell-Chex RBCs and WBCs have been stabilized to resemble patient samples. Manual body fluid evaluation is simplified with biconcave RBCs, morphologically accurate WBC types for a 5-part differential, and real urate and CPPD crystals that can be correctly differentiated by polarized light microscopy.

Accuracy and precision of hemacytometer WBC and RBC counts

5-part manual WBC differentials

Urate and CPPD crystal identification

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Superior cell morphology versus competitors

Streck Cell-Chex contains biconcave RBCs and five types of morphologically distinct WBCs. Cell-Chex RBCs and WBCs are easy to differentiate and have morphology that is representative of fresh patient samples, unlike other available body fluid controls on the market.

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Consistent morphology of stabilized cells makes WBCs and RBCs easy to differentiate, ensuring accurate and precise counts on hemacytometers. Level 1-CC (CPPD Crystals) and Level 1-UC (Urate Crystals) have lower assayed cell counts, whereas Level 2 has higher assayed cell counts.

Cell-Chex WBCs are stabilized human cells. When stained in the same manner as patient samples, stabilized Cell-Chex WBC morphology resembles fresh patient WBCs, enabling accurate 5-part differential identification.

Cell-Chex is the only manual body fluid control that contains crystals for identification in synovial fluid samples. Real CPPD and urate crystals can be accurately differentiated based on morphology and polarized light microscopy.