Isolated cfRNA is suitable for downstream applications, including Droplet Digital PCR and next-generation sequencing

Isolated extracellular vesicles are suitable for downstream applications, including NTA or indirect analysis of EV-associated cargo

Limits the degradation of white and red blood cells, providing sample integrity during storage, shipping, and handling of blood samples

7-day sample stability when stored at room temperature

Compatible with standard low input RNA library prep kits







Compatible with commercially available total plasma nucleic acid isolation kits

Cell-free RNA isolation and analysis

RNA Complete BCT maintains draw time concentrations of cell-free RNA and is compatible with commercially available plasma nucleic acid isolation kits, including:  

Introducing RNA Complete BCT (RUO), a Novel Blood Collection Tube

Exosome concentration in whole blood drawn into EDTA tubes is much higher after storage compared to RNA Complete BCT. Our counts include the entire extracellular vesicle population from roughly 10-1,000 nm which includes exosomes, microvesicles, and other EV subgroups. 

Draw time extracellular vesicle concentration is stable for up to 7 days at room temperature. 

Nanoparticle tracking analysis of plasma samples 7 days post collection using the Malvern NanoSight NS300

Next-generation sequencing

RNA Complete BCT was designed for next-generation sequencing workflows; it maintains draw time cfRNA transcript levels in whole blood samples for use in transcriptome studies. Isolated cell-free RNA is compatible with standard low input RNA library prep kits.

Samples drawn into RNA Complete BCT maintain transcriptome profiles similar to the initial blood draw.

RNA Complete BCT is for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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Bioanalyzer analysis for total cfRNA.

  • Qiagen QIAamp Circulating Nucleic Acid Kit
  • Norgen Plasma/Serum Circulating and Exosomal RNA Purification Kit
  • Applied Biosystems MagMAX Cell-Free Total Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit. 

ddPCR analysis of Ubiquitin B abundance


Maintain the draw time concentrations of cfRNA and exosomes 

RNA Complete BCT® is a direct draw blood collection tube that maintains the draw time concentration of cell-free RNA and extracellular vesicles, such as exosomes, for up to 7 days when stored at room temperature. 

At Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference, Dr. Nicholas George spoke about the development process and advantages of the new RNA Complete BCT. His presentation included data on extracellular vesicles and cell-free RNA as well as ddPCR, NGS, and nanoparticle tracking analysis. Click to watch the 15-minute presentation.

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