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Sperm-Chex® CE

Sperm Count Control

Sperm-Chex is the only sperm count control on the market with stabilized sperm cells. Semen analysis provides vital information regarding a man’s fertility. As a non-invasive test, the sperm count is often the first test ordered as a part of a fertility evaluation.

Sperm-Chex has two clinically significant levels of control to simulate the sperm cell concentration that technologists encounter in patient samples. It has the same chamber loading and optical characteristics as a patient sample. When used like a patient sample, Sperm-Chex verifies the sperm analysis process and tests the technologist’s proficiency in sperm cell quantification.

Streck offers STATS®, a free Interlaboratory Quality Control program for our customers.


  • 12-month closed-vial stability
  • 42-day open-vial stability

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