This product is also licensed for sale in Canada.

Solubility Test Kit 

SICKLEDEX detects the presence of sickling hemoglobins in human blood or sickle cell control material.

SICKLEDEX kits are conveniently packaged with two separate squeeze bottles of phosphate buffer with Saponin for easy dispensing and to eliminate waste. The kits also contain two buffer dispensing caps and two vials of Sodium Hydrosulfite reagent powder.

Each test requires 2.0 mL of reconstituted solubility buffer and 20 µL of anticoagulated whole blood or 20 µL of sickle cell hemoglobin control.

A 10-place test tube reading rack is also available.


  • 365-day closed-vial stability
  • 45-day open-vial stability
SICKLEDEX Catalog Number
100 Test Kit 217657
50 Test Kit 217660
12 Test Kit 217661
Test tube rack 217659
Disposable Test Tubes (50 count) 217662
Disposable Micropipettes (50 count) 217663