Retic-Chex® II

This product is also licensed for sale in Canada.
Retic-Chex® II CE

Whole Blood Control

Retic-Chex II is a tri-level control manufactured with reticulocytes that resemble the appearance of patient samples for accurate identification.

Retic-Chex II is available in 1.0 mL plastic squeeze dropper vials for manual methods including Miller Ocular. It can also be used for automated methods including: Beckman Coulter® STKS, MAXM, HmX and LH 500 and Abbott CELL-DYN® 3500 and 3700.

Streck offers STATS®, a free Interlaboratory Quality Control program for our customers.


  • 75-day closed-vial stability
  • 14-day open-vial stability

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Retic-Chex® Stain
Retic-Chex Stain is buffered and filtered New Methylene Blue that can be used with control and patient samples.

Retic-Chex Stain is packaged in 3.0 mL or 15 mL plastic squeeze dropper vials, and can be stored at room temperature.


  • 365-day closed-vial stability
  • 365-day open-vial stability
Manufacturer Instrument
Abbott Laboratories CELL-DYN® 3500/3700
Beckman Coulter HmX
Beckman Coulter LH 500
Beckman Coulter MAXM™
Beckman Coulter STKS™
Retic-Chex II Catalog Number
3 x 1.0 mL Retic-Chex II (Level 1, 2 & 3), 1 x 3.0 mL Retic-Chex Stain 285101
4 x 1.0 mL Retic-Chex II (Level 1) 285104
4 x 1.0 mL Retic-Chex II (Level 2) 285204
4 x 1.0 mL Retic-Chex II (Level 3) 285304
6 x 1.0 mL Retic-Chex II (Level 1, 2 & 3) 285106
Retic-Chex Stain
2 x 15 mL Retic-Chex Stain 285410
4 x 3.0 mL Retic-Chex Stain 285404