Pipet Verification Service - PVS

Please note: calibrators, linearity products, PVS, and thermometers are not available as a sample.

Pipet Verification Service - PVS

Pipet Verification Service

U.S. federal regulations require laboratories to periodically verify the accuracy of all pipets used in performing clinical diagnostic tests.  PVS allows the laboratory to verify automatic pipets and dilutors without purchasing equipment or interrupting pipet use.

  • Order one PVS kit per pipet to be tested. Each PVS kit contains six vials of Receiver Solution and one or two vials of Pipetting Solution. 
  • After receiving the kit, perform six simple titrations and return to Streck, postage paid.
  • Within 2 business days of receipt, Streck will e-mail a report containing the mean volume delivered, standard deviation, coefficient of variation and percent recovered.

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Pipet Verification Service - PVS Catalog Number
10 to 200 µL Pipets 271278
201 to 5000 µL Pipets 271279