Lamellar Body Count Control

Lamellar bodies have been analyzed as an indirect estimate of fetal lung maturity and potential indicator of respiratory distress syndrome.

LBC-Chex verifies instrument accuracy by testing the lower platelet limits that standard CBC controls and calibration material fail to assess. It provides laboratory scientists with confidence their instrument counts are accurate for patient samples.

LBC-Chex was developed for use on automated hematology analyzers and can be used like a patient sample. No dilution is required.

LBC-Chex is available in three clinically significant levels and is available in plastic cap-pierceable vials which allow for autosampling by an analyzer.

Streck offers STATS®, a free Interlaboratory Quality Control program for our customers.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. 


  • 105-day closed-vial stability
  • 30-day open-vial stability
Manufacturer Instrument
Beckman Coulter LH 750/LH 755
Beckman Coulter LH 780/LH 785
Beckman Coulter UniCel® DxH™ 800
Sysmex® Corporation XE-2100™
Sysmex® Corporation XE-5000™
Sysmex® Corporation XN-10
Sysmex® Corporation XN-20
LBC-Chex Catalog Number
3 x 3.0 mL Level 1, 2, 3 200098
3 x 3.0 mL Level 1 200099
3 x 3.0 mL Level 2 200100