Cell-Free DNA Urine Preserve

Cell-Free DNA Urine Preserve

Urine Preservative

Streck Cell-Free DNA Urine Preserve is a liquid reagent that stabilizes cell-free DNA (cfDNA) in urine. Samples treated with Cell-Free DNA Urine Preserve are stable up to 7 days at 6 °C to 37 °C. The product’s stability ensures sample integrity for cfDNA extraction and testing, such as prenatal diagnosis, disease diagnosis and treatment efficacy monitoring, and organ transplant rejection monitoring. The reagent stabilizes all cellular components, including red blood cells, white blood cells, and proteins present at the time of collection, allowing for additional downstream urinalysis testing.

Cell-Free DNA Urine Preserve enhances the stability of cfDNA and eliminates the lysis of nucleated blood cells and release of cellular genomic DNA which could interfere with accurate cfDNA analysis.

The product is easily added to urine samples at time of collection, allowing for adequate time to transport and store prior to cfDNA extraction.

Cell-Free DNA Urine Preserve allows for cfDNA extraction, as well as standard urinalysis testing to be done within existing laboratory workflows without compromising sample integrity.

Cell-Free DNA Urine Preserve is packaged in single-use 5.0 mL plastic ampules with the appropriate amount of reagent to preserve individual urine sample volumes of 25 mL to 100 mL. 

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