Cell-Chex® Auto

This product is also licensed for sale in Canada.
Cell-Chex® Auto CE

Body Fluid Control 

Cell-Chex Auto is a three-level spinal and body fluid control for evaluating the accuracy and precision of hematology instruments that measure blood cell counts in patient body fluid samples.

The technologist can improve efficiency, maintain testing accuracy, and decrease turnaround times for most body fluid samples by eliminating the need for manual hemacytometer testing by one or more technologists.

Cell-Chex Auto is available in plastic cap-pierceable vials which allow for autosampling by an analyzer.

Streck offers STATS®, a free Interlaboratory Quality Control program for our customers.


  • 75-day closed-vial stability
  • 30-day open-vial stability
Manufacturer Instrument
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics ADVIA® 120/2120/2120i
Abbott Laboratories CELL-DYN Ruby®
Abbott Laboratories CELL-DYN® 3200
Beckman Coulter LH 750/LH 755
Beckman Coulter LH 780/LH 785
Beckman Coulter UniCel® DxH™ 600
Beckman Coulter UniCel® DxH™ 800
Sysmex® Corporation XE-2100™
Sysmex® Corporation XE-5000™
Sysmex® Corporation XT-1800i™
Sysmex® Corporation XT-2000i™
Sysmex® Corporation XT-4000i™
Cell-Chex Auto Catalog Number
2 x 3.0 mL (Level 2, 3) 200065
3 x 3.0 mL (Level 1, 2, 3) 200066
3 x 3.0 mL (Level 1) 200067
3 x 3.0 mL (Level 2) 200068
3 x 3.0 mL (Level 3) 200069