Omaha, NE ? Quietly, consistently and reliably, Streck is maintaining its position as an industry leader in
the development and manufacturing of products for clinical and research laboratories. The Nebraska?
based company that introduced the first reference control for automated hematology instruments has
evolved into a world renowned enterprise. The company holds more than 40 patents and has filed
applications for several new products.   

“Innovation takes collaboration,” says Connie Ryan, Streck President and CEO, “and that’s one of the
things Streck does exceptionally well.” From cross functional employee teams to ongoing customer
feedback and response teams to industry and community partnerships, Streck is building the
relationships that support, improve and enhance the ever?changing global medical industry. 

New and soon?to?be launched products support the company’s endeavors in the fields of immunology,
molecular diagnostics and infectious disease. New flow cytometry control products mirror the
importance of CD marker research for diagnostics and treatments while a new rapid real?time PCR
system has applications from large hospital and research laboratories to potential use in point?of?care

Cell stabilization research continues to be on the forefront with the company’s R&D division, which will
soon present new research on urinalysis testing. The company continuously explores product
enhancements, such as longer dating on control products which saves medical technologists significant
time and expense associated with required validations when product lots are changed.

The most important characteristics of Streck controls are the stability and physical similarities to real
patient samples. Close resemblance to a patient sample makes it easier for technologists to detect any
problems with their processes, instruments or reagents. Streck control products help laboratories meet
regulatory and accreditation requirements. 

Within the Streck corporate headquarters, a new customer relationship management system and an in?
process re?design of the customer inter?laboratory quality control system are bringing improved
information services to customers and industry partners.

Community collaborations happen across the board – from the office of the CEO, who serves on the
Creighton University Board of Directors and the AdvaMed Board of Directors, to executive officers who
service on community boards including BioNebraska, to employees who personally support agencies
including the American Red Cross, American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, Juvenile
Diabetes Research Foundation, Salvation Army and the American Lung Association.  

Streck has over 300 employees in the areas of manufacturing, research and development, and
administration. Several new and open positions are available in customer service, information
management, manufacturing, technical service, and sales. Applications are also being accepted for a
variety of summer internships. Visit to apply.  

About Streck, Inc.
Streck is an industry leader in the development and manufacturing of products for clinical and research laboratories. The company’s pursuit of innovative solutions has produced an extensive list of patented products. Streck’s core technology is cell stabilization; product lines support the fields of hematology, immunology and molecular diagnostics. For more information, visit

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