Preserving pre-analytical variables.

ESR-Vacuum Tubes

Blood Collection Tube

Tubes to collect, transport, and analyze the erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) of whole blood in the Streck ESR-Auto Plus® automated sed-rate analyzer and the Streck ESR-10 Manual Rack


  • Direct-draw blood collection system limits exposure to patient sample
  • Contains tri-sodium citrate to avoid coagulation
  • Preserves the patient sample for up to 72 hours at 2 °C – 10 °C
  • ESR-Vacuum Tubes for higher altitude locations are also available

Safety-Coated Tubes

  • Significantly more impact resistant than glass collection tubes
  • Designed with an outer Mylar® coating to contain glass and blood specimens in the event of breakage
  • Reduces the risk of injury and potential exposure to bloodborne pathogens

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This is also licensed for sale in Canada.

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ESR-Vacuum Tubes

ESR-Vacuum TubesCatalog Number
1.2 mL (Box of 100)240360
1.2 mL High Altitude (Box of 100)240213
1.2 mL Safety Coated (Box of 100)240377
2.0 mL (Box of 100)240320
ESR Tube Labeling Sleeves (Pack of 100)240363


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