At Streck, we offer a unique and satisfying employment opportunity. We are an employer of choice because Streck is a moderate-size company that allows an individual to have a direct impact on company success.

Every employee of Streck plays a critical role in fulfilling our Mission Statement and carrying out our Quality Policy. Whether working in manufacturing, the research lab, an administrative role or directly with our customers, everyone has an opportunity to make a positive impact on our business.

Successful employees at Streck share the company’s commitment to excellence, and they value being part of a company that truly makes a difference. These team players communicate effectively and remain open to change. Our employees take ownership of their work and take great pride in a job well done.

What we offer

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Standing Order Schedule

Schedule I: 13 shipments (a shipment every 28 days)
Schedule II: 7 shipments (a shipment every 56 days)
Schedule III: 5 shipments (a shipment every 84 days)
Schedule VI: 3 shipments (a shipment every 168 days)

Use the drop-down menu to select your product. If you don’t find your product listed, call Customer Service at 800-228-6090.

Note: Standing orders are shipped during the week of the release date.