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ESR-Auto Plus®

Automated Sed-Rate

A 10-position automated instrument for erythrocyte sedimentation rate testing.


  • Random access
  • 1.2 mL sample volume
  • Direct draw blood collection system limits exposure to patient sample
  • ESR-Vacuum Tubes preserve the patient sample for up to 72 hours at 2 °C – 10 °C
  • Automatically prints and transmits results to LIS
  • Results in 30 minutes; 15-minute prediction mode


  • >98% correlation to Modified Westergren method
  • Barcode scanner ensures positive patient ID
  • ESR Tube Labeling Sleeves accommodate all sizes of secondary patient identification labels
  • Automated QC and patient result log file
  • Large peer group for proficiency and STATS® Interlaboratory Quality Control program

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This is also licensed for sale in Canada.


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