About Streck

Streck is an industry leader in the development and manufacture of products for the clinical and research  laboratory. Streck’s core technology is cell stabilization. Product lines support the fields of hematology, immunology and molecular biology.

Led by President and CEO Connie Ryan, Streck has grown from its beginnings in a two-room office in midtown Omaha, NE, to the state-of-the-art 200,000-square foot facility in southwest Omaha. Visionary leadership and our experienced management and scientific teams have propelled Streck to the premier position it now holds and readies it to embrace the future.

Streck control products test the performance and limits of instruments and reagents, helping laboratories meet regulatory and accreditation requirements. The most important characteristics of Streck controls are the stability and physical similarities to real patient samples. Closely resembling patient samples makes it easier for technologists to detect any problems with their processes or instruments.

The company’s pursuit of innovative solutions has produced an extensive list of patented products. We are recognized throughout the United States and in 65 countries as an industry leader in quality products for clinical and research laboratories. New products support the company’s endeavors in the fields of immunology, molecular diagnostics, infectious disease and urinalysis.

Dr. Wayne Ryan
Dr. Wayne Ryan

Streck was founded in 1971 by Dr. Wayne Ryan, a biochemist at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Streck began manufacturing hematology reference controls in the mid-1970s when automated instruments were being developed to count the cells of patient blood samples. Prior to this advancement, blood cells were counted manually using microscopes.