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The Diesse MINI-CUBE is the perfect fit for your lab

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This compact, automated ESR analyzer produces results directly from EDTA tubes without consuming the patient sample.

We’d like to give you the opportunity to see how the Diesse MINI-CUBE is a perfect fit for your lab. We will send you an actual size three-dimensional replica of the MINI-CUBE that you can assemble. Then put it on your bench and see how it fits — think of it as a test drive! 

Check out this video and you’ll see how easy it is to put together! Once it’s in your lab you will see how its sleek design and small footprint fit just about anywhere. We think you’ll agree that the MINI-CUBE will be a valuable addition to your lab.

We’d love to give you a live video demonstration of the instrument as well!

Streck has 23 years of expertise developing sed-rate instruments and quality controls and we think you’ll love the MINI-CUBE because it accommodates multiple sizes of EDTA tubes. We also have a team of technical specialists ready to help optimize the system for your lab.

Diesse fits on your bench.

See how the MINI-CUBE fits in your lab

Fill out the form below and we will send you an actual size 3D replica of the MINI-CUBE that you can assemble. Then put it on your bench and see how it fits!